What students say about our studio

Throughout my 7 years with Phil, not one class has ever been dull or boring. Each class, he brings about new fits of laughter because he knows the value of a good education is just as great as having a good time. He teaches you not only methods to improve your writing, but also life lessons that will take you even further. Phil recognizes the value of hard work and reinforces that determination in his students in order to help them succeed.
— Samantha
The disciplinary methods that he uses have helped me, to give me the strength and willingness to learn. Phil is very skilled in how to push students in the right way to keep them going, so that they know how one can become successful, and that has helped me achieve many things in life that I’m glad I have done. I have learned many things from all these years I’ve been in Phil’s classes.
— Eric
I have studied at Phillip’s studio for over 3 years. Throughout these years I have truly learned literature analysis techniques and improved my overall reading comprehension skills. Phil is a friendly and engaging educator that has brought the best in me. He continues to be actively involved with his student’s learning and maintains a healthy environment for the growth of his students. Phil also carries a positive and dedicated attitude that enhances the work ethic of others. Personally, I feel very comfortable working with Phil and as a result, see continuous self-improvement. In all honesty, I feel motivated and look forward to attending Phillips’s classes.
— Calvin
I have been in this class for around three years now, and the work and experience from this class becomes extremely clear in your everyday life at school. To be successful in this class, you need to put lots in to get lots in return. This class may seem challenging at first, but as time progresses, you will surely gain organization skills which will help you along the way with this class, school, and day-to-day life. I’m glad that I stuck with this class, and am continuing to stick with it.
— Nathan
At first, I felt like I was going to die. There was a lot of homework and everything was really hard. Phil can sometimes be really strict with his students, but that is for our good; he is serious with us because he wants us to learn. After a year of studying, I felt everything was not that bad, and I started getting the hang of it. I started to understand the homework and how to do it. It is going well - there are still times Phil has to be serious with me, but it is definitely getting better. Now, in my third year at Potts Education Studio, I have changed my ELL class to a writing class. It is harder, but Phil is helping me to improve a lot. Phil really helped me, and made me pass ELL; I think he is a really great teacher.
— Allan
I have been studying in Phil’s class for almost 2 and a half years. I remember the first time I went to Phil’s class and I didn’t know how to write or speak in English. Now, I can’t say that I have really good English, but at least I can speak it fluently. Also, I want to thank Phil for teaching me English and to know how to be a better learner.
— Denisa