Group Classes

At Potts Education Studio, we hold afternoon and evening classes 7 days a week throughout the whole year (yes - summer, too!) to ensure that every student gets the attention that he or she needs. There are classes for ESL/ELL students (levels 1 to 4), and non-ESL/ELL students. Classes include beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels for grammar, writing, BC Provincial exam preparation, SAT testing, and SSAT preparation.

We currently operate 4 classrooms and 1 main office: units #1055, #1075 at Excel Centre, and units #1103, #3023 at Admiralty Centre.

We also offer study space for all of our students outside of scheduled class time.





Grade 3/4 English (Karolin)

Elementary Creative Writing (Aleesha)


Grade 9/10 English (Phil)

Grade 2/3 English (Karolin)


Grade 5/6 English
(Phil & Karolin)


High School Bridge for Grade 7/8 Students
(Phil & Kristen)


ELL Grammar


Throughout my 7 years with Phil, not one class has ever been dull or boring. Each class, he brings about new fits of laughter because he knows the value of a good education is just as great as having a good time. He teaches you not only methods to improve your writing, but also life lessons that will take you even further. Phil recognizes the value of hard work and reinforces that determination in his students in order to help them succeed.
— Samantha

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