Conditions / 條件

When you register, you are reserving a space for the registration period and Potts Education Studio refuses other students from taking your seat. As such, there are no refunds once you register. 當你報名時,本教室即預留學位給你,因而不能加收其他學生。所以一經報名,本教室不會退回任何費用。

Potts Education Studio is not responsible for how you arrange your time. If you miss class, you can attend a partner session on a different day of the week, but you must do so before the end of your registration period. 本教室不負責安排學生補課時間。如你不能前來上課,你可安排参與另一天的類同課。 但必須在本學期內作出安排。

If you do not come to class, you will not be offered a reduction in price in the following registration period. You can attend a partner session. 所有補課不能作下一個學期學費的更改或特別的個人安排。

If you cannot arrange your time to make up a class at a partner session, this is your own responsibility. No discounts, refunds of other classes will be offered. 如若不能安排你的時間內補課,本教室不會提供任何折扣,退款或特別補課的安排。

Disruptive, uncooperative or LATE students may be removed from class at Phillip’s discretion. No refund or make up classes will be offered. 學生如不遵從課室內的規則,遲到或不跟老師合作,老師有權要求學生離開課室,本教室不會作任何補課或退款的安排。

COME TO CLASS 10 minutes early! Phillip reserves the right to REFUSE entry to students who arrive late! If you come late to class too often, Phillip reserves the right to completely cancel your registration without make up or refund. 學生應在上課前10分鐘到達教室!老師有權拒絕遲到學生進入課室上課。 如果學生多次遲到或缺課,老師有權取消學生已登記的課堂,且不會作任何補課或退款的安排。